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This is an archived page of videos introducing our products and company.

Product introduction video

Introducing a service that centralizes production management using robot-compatible racks.

You can aim for operational efficiency and increased revenue simply by switching to rack item number management, without making large capital investments in automating production management.

Module trolley convenient for material and product management in factories and warehouses

S and L-size trolleys optimized for truck mounting are available for hire.
The middle frame can be customized according to the application from a common outer frame.

4WS trolley promotion movie

These trolleys can transport large quantities of goods for outstanding ease of use on site, with excellent tracking, quietness and swiveling characteristics.

4WS type BULK introduction video

We test the usability and safety of our developed products on a daily basis.
In this case, vibration tests are carried out on the type BULK.

Smart on-site logistics branding movie

Here we introduce you to the factory automation we offer.
Please also take a look at our six main products that automate conveying and transferring.

We propose not only transportation but also automation of transfer!!

If you are interested in automating your premises transport, please take a looking out Introducing the benefits of automation.

We are showing the main products that realize automation in VR!!

A wide range of products is available to meet the requirements of your plant line in the automation of conveying and transferring.

Explained in 10 minutes! Introduction to AGV functions

The video introduces the two AGV functions and specifications developed by the company in an easy-to-understand manner, This video provides a deeper understanding of AGV.

AGV troubleshooting manual video

This is the first instructional video you should watch if you have a problem with your AGV.
It introduces the driving operation procedures for each situation.

3.5m diameter swivel comparison. ~ Difference between 4WS trolley and general trolley ~

We have released a verification video that shows the surprising difference in turning rate when compared to a general trolley with 3 wheels and 1 wheel fixed.

Time attack ~ Forklift transportation VS unmanned cart transportation ~

When transporting the same distance, forklifts and unmanned carts Which is faster!? This is a video that shows the evidence.

New materials handled ~ Comparison of steel and aluminum materials ~

We introduce the useful advantages of Aluminium materials, which are now being handled, in comparison with steel even without processing.

We also introduce products online!!

This section describes a service that was initiated for customers who are unable to come to the office at a distance.

Company introduction video

A delegation from Thailand visits our company ~Part 2~!

We’re presenting the cheerful welcome and factory tour provided by all eight trainees.

A delegation from Thailand visits our company ~Part 1~!

We’re introducing a digest video showcasing the company explanation session conducted with the trainees.

Our hometown ~ Sightseeing flight around Fukutomi Town ~

We took a drone cruise to help you relax during your break time with a trip in the sky. Please have a look.

SNS that transmits daily activities

Product information