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Hiroshima PS aims to build better relationships rooted in the local community.

Hiroshima PS’s company motto is ‘Harmony.’ We place ‘Harmony’ at the center of our activities, consider the needs of the local community, and work towards creating activities that build richer relationships rooted in the community.

We would like to introduce sponsorships for the following activities and organizations.

○Kawakami Zouka Sports Youth Club
The youth sports team, coached by our employees, engages in activities that bring the joy of sports to local children and foster cooperation and creativity through softball, connecting people in the community.

○Traffic Safety Awareness Activities
There is an integrated elementary and junior high school near our headquarters in Fukutomi Town. The main roads in the area have heavy traffic, including large trucks. We are collaborating with Art Sign, a company that produces safety posters, and local businesses to create traffic safety awareness posters.

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